DIN 2391/EN 10305-1
    Publish time 2021-01-26 11:08    

DIN 2391/DIN1630/EN 10305-1 Cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless tubes.

Size:  O.D: 6-224 mm.

  W.T: 1-15 mm.

Material: St 35, St37, St45, St 52; E215, E235, E355.

Standard: DIN 2391-1/EN 10305-1.

Delivery ConditionNBK(+N),  GBK(+A),  BK(+C),  BKW(+LC),  BKS(+SR).

Main Character:   

1. No oxidation layer on the outer and inner walls.

2. No leakage under high pressure.

3. High precision.

4. High Cleanness.

5. No distortion after cold bending.

6. No crack under flaring and flattening.